What is the difference between Technical Coaching and Performance coaching?

The Technical coaching focuses on the "How To" aspects of the business, such as, "What are the critical steps I must implement to effectively engage with a qualified borrower?" Whereas, the Performance coaching addresses specific "Inner Game and Personal Effectivesness" challenges, such as, "I don't have enough time to follow up on my leads," or, "I am affraid to follow up with a qualified prospect."

If you have a specific real estate question ("how to") please make sure to address these questions during the bi-weekly Technical Coaching Thursday Calls at 3pm. You can also post your question on the REInvent private Facebook Group to get other members feedback and Gary is often there as well. If you have a question that cannot wait until the Technical Coaching Call, you can email with your specific question and link/URL to the specific Podio URL. Please allow upto 48 hours or 2 business days for a response.

If you have a specific Performance Coaching or Inner-game question, please ask during the Performance Coaching & Inner-game Thursday Call (every other Thursday) or email We use differrent email addresses to direct your specific question to the right team and coach to be as efficient and time responsive as possible. Please always allow upto 24-48 hours for a response; however, we always try to respond faster.


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