Who is the REInvent 7 Figure Acceleration Program? built for?

REInvent was built for serious and committed real estate entreprenuers who need more coaching and mentoring to build and scale a successful real estate investing business. We follow a "Clear Path to Success" model using a R.A.P.I.D. Results EOS business planning process to help and coach you to get 10x results with half the effort. The program was built for those entrepreneurs ready to grow both personally and professionally.

Our members typically fit into one of three groups:
-- You are a reasonably experienced individual investor and are starting to increase your deal flow. You want to do more and often think how nice it would be to get to $xxx. You are motivated and ready to hire a VA or local staff and start building your business, but you don’t know where to start.
-- You are killing it “wholesaling homes” in your market. You have hired a VA or local staff, and have systems and processes and make a nice income, but you are working 80+ hrs a week. You want to get the same or better results with less effort. You know you need a plan and need help with your some of your business functions, but don’t have the time to figure it all out.
-- You are a very experienced Real Estate investor and have completed several creative deals. You have a team with systems and processes and make a nice six-figure income. You want and have the capability to get to 7-figures, but find that the business is managing you and growth is plateauing. You’re spending more time managing your team and less and less time in front of sellers making deals.

We created the REInvent 7 Figure Acceleration Program get you 10x results with half of the effort. With the strategic and tactical performance accelerators we’ve built in, a 7 figure business is within your grasp. The program is designed to help you effortlessly leap the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs and investors specifically, no matter where you are at in your REI business.


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