If I already paying Podio for extra users, do I still have to pay for REIvault Podio extra users?

Yes.  Podio (Citrix) changed their licensing and pricing model to charge per "Organization."  Even if you are paying Podio for custom applications in a different Podio "Organization" we are still required by Podio (Citrix) under our master licensing agreement to charge for extra Podio users.  The good news is that it's only $19 per month ($.63 a day) per user, per the group discount negotiated by REIvault.  REIvault (, LLC) is subject to audit and there are no workarounds, exceptions or refunds.  The good news is that REIvault ( is recognized as a "Vertical Solution Provider" that comes with higher levels of support and help and other benefits (e.g. eliminating the limitation on transactions which would cause issues with our text messaging and high volume transactions for all of us).

Please visit our Podio Pricing Page for more details:


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