Why is there a charge for adding Podio Users?

This is a great question and we wish it weren't so.  Podio was purchased by Citrix a multi-billion dollar company and they've changed their pricing model.  REIvault (, LLC) has been recognized as a "Vertical Solution Provider" by Podio which is a good thing.  We are able to get more technical service and help and other benefits which are not available to single users or small companies.  

Each Active REIvault Member receives 2 FREE REIvault Podio User with Membership.  "Suspended", "System Only" and "Apprentice Program" members receive 1 FREE REIvault Podio User with Membership. REIvault automatically charges $19 per Podio User per Month in addition to your 1 or 2 FREE REIvault Podio User Licenses.    Podio (Citrix) charges REIvault (, LLC) and this is a requirement.  We are subject to audit and their are no exceptions or refunds.  

The good news is that it's only $19 per month ($.63 a day) per user.  If you have real heart ache over this, you can provide your team access to your Podio user for login.  However, this is not a best practice and not recommended or encouraged.

Please visit our Podio User Pricing Page at:


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