How do I get support?

The REIvault Apprentice Program was built to provide the systems, marketing, VAs/staff and the support and coaching to help you gain momentum in your real estate investing business. We have multiple levels of support for you. First off, "The Vault" is the membership, training and support site built to provide easy training and videos and provide answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Always visit this site first as there is a wealth of information built to provide instant and easy access. The REIvault team is always adding new videos and FAQs to maximize the efficiency and scale across all our members. Everything we do is based on feedback and contribution from our members. We're stronger as a group. If you have a "Change Request" you can simply click the "Change Request" link on the top right of "The Vault" and follow the list of options. If you have technical or support or marketing question that you can find answered on "The Vault" simply email Please be as specific with your questions a possible and provide a URL or link if related to specific Podio Seller Lead. For specific real estate questions or you need more help on a real estate deal that cannot wait until a Thursday Technical Coaching Call, please email

For specific questions related to Performance or Inner-game or a stuck you have with time management, procrastination, fear, etc. or possibly a questions related to a previous Performance and Inner-game Coaching Call, please email Please always allow upto 24-48 hours for a response to your questions, however we try to answer sooner.


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