What kind of leads can I expect from the marketing provided by REIvault Apprentice Program?

The REIvault Team will provide enough marketing to provide at least 100 Podio leads. These are seller calls that will include Viable Leads (estimated at 20) as well as Hangups from Sellers, sellers that say they are not interested and even a handful that are angry and nasty and ask to be removed from the mailers. Do not fret. Welcome to marketing and the world of real estate investing and marketing. These leads are expected to be enough for you to close one or two deals, get successful so you can gain momentum in this business.

You can then request more marketing to be sent out for you (upto $2,500 a month) with REIvault Apprentice Progam membership or possibly you're ready to upgrade to full REIvault VIP membership. Your choice. However, any marketing you do beyond the initial 100 leads will be at your expense.


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